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Brand identity development for mobUX. mobUX (mobile UX) is an online platform that provides custom mobile landing experiences delivered in a bite-size story format.

Micro moments. Lasting impact

Animated Mark Development/Process

mobUX creates mobile native experiences and is strictly digital. Turning this limitation into an advantage, we decided to have the logo convey the dynamic actions and motions experienced within the product itself. mobUX is a digital catalogue with multi-layered story telling and intuitive haptics.

The brand logo uses the base font ISKRA as the main typeface. It slight playfulness of the typeface alludes to UI found in everyday mobile apps. The logo shows the "X" flipping through pages by combining the visuals of a turning page and a swipe, nodding to both actions of flipping through a physical catalogue and swiping seen on digital platforms . The peeled portion of the ‘X’ reveals a forward facing arrow and at the same time creates a “back” arrow.


Brand Colorways

The mobUX brand colors are vibrant and energetic while maintaining a nod to common digital colors. The main color is a vibrant grape and is used as the main logo color when possible. Two alternative colors for contrast are a Deep Royal Purple and a Majorelle Blue. The highlight colors are Periwinkle Blue and Seafoam Green.

Screen Shot 2020-08-11 at 11.23.29


While ISKRA is the main typeface for the logo, the brand typeface is Mukta Malar. It is easily integrated on online platforms through Google Fonts. The typeface has 7 weights: Extra Light, Light, Normal, Medium, Semi Bold, Bold and Extra Bold. All can be used to create texture or call out important information. 

Screen Shot 2020-08-11 at 11.41.53
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